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Let us take you to an authentic Mexican Experience!

Discover charming, secret places in Mexico City.

Mexico is a city that is both historic and progressive, elegant and bawdy. There are both 17th-century buildings and trendy pop ups all around the city. Grand, gabled buildings line the streets, and the city’s long history of multicultural arts and expressions is being revolutionized by new generation of mexicans.

The city is very robust, but it is possible to get a little vibe of Mexico City in one day – and a Mexico Underground walking tour is a fantastic way to do it. To help travelers, we designed some tours around of the city’s most famous neighborhoods.

We also have a very special selection of experiences to make the most of your trip to Mexico City.

Mexico Underground

Mexico Underground Team is formed by diverse people who loves traveling and making new connections. We embrace, support and impulse our prehispanic traditions and empower indigenous people from our beloved country.  We believe in unity, peace and respect beyond all relations.

We are here to show you the other side of Mexico. The shinny one!


Ubish Yaren

  • Founder.
  • Born and raised in Mexico City, wanderer by nature, chef by profession and tour guide by passion. Ubish has been cooking since he was a child, and decided to take his passion for food to the street. He is one of the highest rated tour guides in Mexico City and has been giving tours over the past decade. He has an incredible sense of taste, deep knowledge of history, love of design, and appreciation of culture. He is a people person, instantly connecting with both the introverted tourist or the local tortilla maker. Above all, he is a lover of his country. You can hear him on his podcast Culinaria Nacional or get in touch with him directly on his website.


Ninelth Sandoval

A designer passionate about life and proud of México’s ancestral history. She promotes and emphasizes the richness of her culture through her creations. She is known for always sharing and expressing the most authentic, the most valuable and the best things that Mexico has to offer.

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